Eisteddfodau, Competitions, Masterclasses etc.!

A list of various eisteddfodau, competitions, masterclasses etc. - mainly for piano. Please let me know if there are more to add!



Bendigo Competitions Society (VIC) - Piano 21-22 May

(deadline: 8 April)

Website: https://www.bendigocomps.org.au/

Boroondara Eisteddfod (VIC) – from May to late July

(deadline: usually April)

Website: https://www.boroondara.vic.gov.au/recreation-arts/boroondara-arts/whats/boroondara-eisteddfod

Piano Sections: tbc

Border District Eisteddfod (QLD) – 31st May to 3rd June

(deadline: 26th March)

Piano: 3rd June

Website: http://www.borderdistricteisteddfod.org.au/

Music Sections: HERE


Melbourne Recital Centre Bach Competition (VIC) – 5th June

(deadline: 27th April)

Website:  www.melbournerecital.com.au/bach2022/

Hamilton Eisteddfod – 6th to 11th June

(deadline: 7th April)

Website: https://hamiltoneisteddfod.org.au/

Music Section Details: https://hamiltoneisteddfod.org.au/eisteddfod-details/music/

Forbes Eisteddfod (NSW) – 15th to 22nd June

(deadline: tbc)

Website: https://www.forbeseisteddfod.com.au/

(website down?)

Piano Sections: coming soon

Burnie City Eisteddfod (TAS) – 25th June to 1st July

(deadline: 10th April)

Website: https://www.burnieeisteddfod.com.au/

Music Sections: HERE

Ringwood Eisteddfod (VIC) – June to July



Music Sections: coming soon

Warrnambool Eisteddfod (VIC) – 14th-17th June

(deadline: tbc)

Website: https://www.warrnambooleisteddfod.org.au/

Competition Sections (Instrumental): coming soon

Sydney Eisteddfod (NSW) – June to August (Piano mainly July-August)

(deadline: various)

Website: https://sydneyeisteddfod.com.au/

Piano Sections: HERE

Annual Centralian Eisteddfod (Alice Springs, NT) – usually May to June

(deadline: 31st March)

Website: https://www.centralianeisteddfod.org/

Piano sections: tbc

Bluescope WIN Wollongong Eisteddfod (NSW) – 4th - 25th June

(deadline: 1st April)

Website: https://www.wollongongeisteddfod.com.au/

Competition Sections: HERE

Mildura Eisteddfod (VIC) – 2nd to 20th June

(deadline: 18th March)

Website: http://www.milduraeisteddfod.com.au/

Piano Sections: HERE

Biloela Eisteddfod (QLD) – usually June

(deadline: next in 2023)

Website: https://www.biloelaeisteddfod.org.au/

(website down?)

Competition Sections: N/A

Adelaide Eisteddfod (SA) – Piano 3rd to 6th June

(deadline: 14th April)

Website: https://sacoment.com/aes/eisteddfod/

Piano Sections: HERE

Sydney Piano Lovers' Competition – June - July

(deadline: 20th June)

Website: https://www.thesydney.com.au/other-competitions/the-sydney-piano-lovers-competition/

NB - this is for amateur pianists aged 30 and over


Melbourne International Piano and Strings Festival Competition (ONLINE)

(deadline 17th July)

Website: https://www.iamusica.org

Application page: coming soon

NB - Open age category available in 2022

Australian Youth Classical Music Competition (Geelong, VIC) – June to July

(deadline: 28th May -Regional; 3rd June - National)

Website: https://www.aycmc.org.au/

16 to 26 years of age via video submissions

Competition Sections: HERE

Monash Youth Music Festival - formerly Waverley Music Eisteddfod (Melb, VIC) – 18th July to 3rd August

(deadline: Mid June)

Website: https://www.monashyouthmusicfestival.com.au/

Competition Sections: HERE

Wimmera Music Eisteddfod (Horsham, VIC) – 22 to 25 July in 2021

(deadline: TBC)

Website: https://www.wimmeraeisteddfod.com/

Competition Sections: tbc

Royal South Street Eisteddfod (Ballarat, VIC) – Piano 19 to 21 July 2021

(deadline: various)

Website: http://www.royalsouthstreet.com.au/

Piano Sections (deadline TBC): tbc

Celebrating Chopin Section (deadline TBC): tbc

West Gippsland Performing Arts Competition - usually July to August

No competition in 2021



Mount Gambier Eisteddfod (SA) – Music: 12th-14th August

(deadline: 31st March)

Website: https://www.backstageinc.org.au/music-division

Competition Sections: HERE

Yarram Eisteddfod (Yarram, VIC) – August TBC

(deadline: usually June)

Website: http://www.yarrameisteddfod.org.au/

Competition Sections: tba

Maryborough Eisteddfod (QLD) – 6th to 13th August

(deadline: usually May)

Website: https://maryborougheisteddfod.com/

Competition Sections: coming soon

Gold Coast Eisteddfod (QLD) – Piano 27th to 31st August

(deadline: 6th May)

Website: https://www.goldcoasteisteddfod.com.au/

Piano Sections: HERE

Gladstone Eisteddfod (QLD) – August TBC

(deadline: usually May)

Website: https://www.gladstoneeisteddfod.org/

Piano Sections: tbc

Ryde Eisteddfod (NSW) – PIANO: 12th August to 3rd September

(deadline: 24 April)

Website: https://www.rydeeisteddfod.org/

Piano Sections: tbc

City of Orange Eisteddfod (NSW) - Music: 28th August to 9th September

(Deadline: tbc)

Website: https://www.orangeeisteddfod.org/

Piano sections: tbc


Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod (Traralgon, VIC) – Piano usually September

(deadline: tbc)

Website: http://www.lve.org.au/

Competition Information: coming soon

Townsville Eisteddfod (QLD) – 6th to 24th September

(deadline: usually June)

Website: http://townsvilleeisteddfod.org/

Instrumental Sections: tbc

Eisteddfod By The Bay (Melbourne, VIC) – usually September

(deadline: tbc)

Website: https://www.eisteddfodbythebay.com.au/

Piano Sections: https://www.eisteddfodbythebay.com.au/pianoforte

Full Schedule: tbc


Hephzibah Menuhin Memorial Awards (VIC) (deadline: tbc)

Website: https://www.msv.org.au/index.php/Current-Awards

Musical Society of Victoria Awards - various dates (deadline: various)

Website: https://www.msv.org.au/index.php/Current-Awards

(you will need to become a member of MSV to participate in the competitions and various concerts)

Geoffrey Parsons Award (SA) - usually September (deadline: usually June)

Website: https://accompanist.org.au/event-infoforms/the-geoffrey-parsons-award/

Brochure: HERE

Application Form: HERE



The Geelong Eisteddfod - no update since 2019

Website: https://www.facebook.com/GeelongEisteddfod/

Passed Deadline

2021 Young Performers Awards (National) - April to November (deadline: 14th April)

Website: https://youngperformersawards.org