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Kenji Fujimura

'...beautiful tone control, luminous colour, enhanced of course by a

seemingly effortless technical mastery.' (Mack Jost)

'...a grand artist with a magical sound, an accomplished technique and

a superb understanding of all musical styles. He adds to this a vision of deep profundity.' (Aquiles Delle Vigne)

Willam Hurlstone CD


Toccata Classics TOCC0289
Musicweb International Recording of the Month May 2015
Top 5 Want List - Colin Clarke, Fanfare 2015

"Finally, Toccata Classics expands our knowledge of William Hurlstone, an English composer who died at the tender age of 30 in 1906. Some readers may be familiar with the Piano Sonata; Toccata prefaces Fujimura’s performance with no fewer than eleven first recordings. Fujimura is a most powerful advocate for this incredibly strong music." (Colin Clarke’s Top 5 Want List, Fanfare, Nov-Dec 2015)

"This is a must-have CD for all British music enthusiasts. I have been waiting for this release for many years and have not been disappointed. Every track (even the juvenilia) on this disc is worthy of our attention. A great investment." (John France, Musicweb International)

"William Hurlstone died in 1906 at the tragically early age of 30 but left behind a substantial body of work. Australian pianist Kenji Fujimura has a PhD on the subject and, while I usually run a mile if I see an artist billed as ‘Prof’ or ‘Dr’, in this case scholarship and musicianship are on a par." (Jeremy Nicholas, Gramophone, September 2015)

The Messiaen Nexus CD


Move Records MD3369
Limelight Magazine Recording of the Year 2014 - Chamber Music

"This disc should be praised as much for thoughtful programming as for musicianship." (Limelight)

"Sellars and Fujimura have created a most entrancing and expressive rendition of these technically advanced and challenging works for violin and piano." (Stringendo. AUSTA Magazine)

Trio Anima Mundi Romantic Piano Trios


Divine Art dda25102

Musicweb International Recording of the Year 2013

Readings Recording of the Month January 2014

"As to chamber music this has to be the CD of the year and, perhaps, many years to come.  It is a delightful double disc of unusual piano trios, beautifully played and very well recorded...

the playing is sumptuous; the texture superb; the balance impeccable and we are in the presence of three amazing musicians. They are not out to be showmen but to be faithful to the music which they are.

This is the chamber music disc of the year. You will lose out if you do not buy it.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. Nor, I suggest, can anyone else." (David Wright, Wright Music)

"Altogether four welcome works, beautifully recorded in well-balanced sound, with consistently affectionate performances." (Edward Greenfield, Gramophone)

"Individually they are all highly accomplished artists; collectively they make a tightly-knit and musically unified team....The acoustic setting is full and spacious, and serves the musicians well as they all have highly appealing sounds. Whether or not you are on the lookout for something new and different, this release is a top recommendation." (Robert Markow, Fanfare)

TAM - English Piano Trios


Divine Art dda25158

Audiophile Essential - Hi-Res Audio (Germany)

Featured Classical Album - Apple Music January 2020

Recording of the Month - Musicweb International January 2020

Rutland Boughton - Celtic Prelude; Samuel Coleridge-Taylor - Piano Trio in E minor; Rosalind Ellicott - Piano Trio No.1 in G; James Cliffe Forrester - Folk-Song Fantasy; Harry Waldo Warner - Piano Trio

with Trio Anima Mundi

'The playing by the Trio Anima Mundi (a profound name, the 'World Soul'!) is magnificent throughout. I managed to 'follow' three of these works (Ellicott, Boughton and Waldo Warner) with the score and was continually amazed at the brilliant interpretation of this music.' - (John France, Musicweb International)

'These world premiere recordings of rarely heard but masterful compositions are played with sensitivity and panache by the excellent Australian ensemble Trio Anima Mundi' (New Classics UK)

' does not need me to say that all five performances are of top quality.' (British Music Society)

'...eminently worthwhile release'(International Piano Magazine)

'These trios will strike many listeners as surprising and pleasurable discoveries, with the bonus of outstanding performances.'(Fanfare)

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